"This film did a better job of doing a comic representation of what it's like to get high than any of my contemporaries did all through my life...and I grew up in the 60's. I've seen hundreds of attempts on film, from Jack Nicholson to others, and none of them have ever really captured it... "

- John Morrissey, Producer "American History X" (with Edward Norton)


"Ballsy and often out of control, High Society: A Pot Boiler is the kind of offbeat comedy Seth Rogen wishes he could make. Kristian Davies' audacious directorial debut features five stoners who basically sit around and smoke pot for 90 minutes. A highlight scene comes when they all spark up tulip joints. 'I'm a marijuana hero,' brags TRAJAN (Davies' brother Erik). 'Someone should make an action figure of me- you know, a figure that comes with a bong.' "

-Celeb Stoner


"...as far as a movie about weed goes, it's pretty honest. None of the characters are stereotypes and none of them resort to the sort of jackass “stoner” behavior you see in mainstream movies. For this group of slackers, getting high isn't the setup to a punchline, it's just a part of their daily routines. ...I'd rather watch a movie like that than one that's out and out pandering.”



“In case you haven’t noticed, movies focused around potheads have been steadily making their way into the mainstream in a big way. From the unintended-to-be parody of Reefer Madness, Easy Rider, and of course Up In Smoke to more current faves like Pineapple Express, its become the norm to see such cinematic masterpieces heavily publicized through major media outlets and scoring big at the box office.

Almost all of them, for the most part, consist of some kind of stoner-related story where the characters get baked and become involved in some cockamamie scheme and hilarity ensues. High Society: A Pot Boiler is in a realm of its own. Taking a cue from Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Half Baked and Seinfeldian theology, High Society: A Pot Boiler centers around three male roommates and their infatuation with all things bongs, bombs, and boobs, and certainly doesn’t do the legalization movement any favors…but sure scores in the entertainment factor. We had a chance to chat about this uber-funny gem with the star and co-creator, Erik Davies."

-SKUNK Magazine


“THC Media was recently given the opportunity to screen and review the upcoming pot comedy High Society: A Pot Boiler. A great representation of a typical stoner evening, I thought this movie was hilarious from beginning to end. We even watched it a second time that evening and laughed all the way through again. You better have a fat sack handy and your bong freshly loaded before you sit down to watch this one. These guys take so many hits from the bong, your going to go crazy if you don’t join in with them. While this film might be a little over the top for some, I thought it was a great comedy and would highly recommend for anyone to watch it!”

-THC Media

High Society: A Pot Boiler… is a dialogue-heavy stoner comedy that shows what happens when three 20-something potheads meet their match… with a blonde Russian model and a sexy, snappy brunette.”

“…High Society sets up an unconventional premise to the R-rated comedy by tossing out typical stoner gags and plugging in, if not overdosing on, dirty wit.”

“…in-tune is the film’s use as a mouthpiece for diatribes on night clubs, female and social ills, the dismissal of pot heads, Sex and The City and anything else that your typical 20-something male has some beef with.”

“…a series of angry conversations divided only by smoky montages makes for a very ambitious film.”

-The Daily 49er


“…a tale of do-nothing pot smokers sitting around engaging in fast-talking witty banter. …the characters are all interesting as they present their quirks by brandishing swords, handguns, and crafting big fat "tulip joints". There are several clever gags…”

-Slug Magazine

“…I was floored by the amount of vulgarity …and the perpetuation of all the negative aspects of marijuana …it borders on the edge of a Reefer Madness expose …I’m left with an overall sour taste in my mouth.”

- The Fresh Scent

“Trying to pin down this flick is a waste of time. High Society: A Pot Boiler moves through non sequitur and cliché-on-its-ear absurdism at its own whim. This is both one of its most admirable traits and its Achilles heel for some viewers. Good because, much like the hazy cloud that the characters inhabit for the movie's 90 minutes, it is able to shape-shift from stoner references to rapid-fire dialogue to character exposition at a jarring but even keel. Not so great at times because most of the movies that bear the inevitable comparisons (this movie has pot smokers and is shot on a camera, therefore it must be compared to every other movie with pot smokers filmed with cameras) cast a mold this doesn't quite fit into.

At times, High Society fires evenly on all eight cylinders and is comedically flawless. At others it's not quite everything it could be - that's something that's unreasonable to expect out of a modest budget and a relatively green screenwriter. And even when it's not quite a gel - the promise in the screenwriter's approach is visible.

While all the actors delivered - we'll have to give the W to leading man Erik Davies for effectively striking a chord between exuberant, comedically overstated zeal and a smart, reigned-in subtlety. Hopefully this gets the distribution that'll give High Society a fair crack at sleeper stoner comedy greatness.”


Judson F. Snell
Scribe, Wordsmith, Ne'erdowell